Purpose of this Challenge Paper

  • Our table's goal will be to be as ambitious as possible in brainstorming opportunities to improve lives by creating technology platforms as public goods. At SCP we've started calling these "Platforms for the People." Our secondary goal will be to think through how these could be designed and implemented.
  • This paper will outline your host's view of this topic and will suggest a few possible platforms that could be created. Please view the content very much as one person's perspective, and as a challenge. It is a limited-research opinion about a big topic and is intended to drive an open minded discussion.
  • If this paper is successful, it will have our table's participants thinking about options for building new platforms prior to the event in order to create the richest possible discussion on Nov 14. Please comment if it is not meeting that objective, and your host will work to address these issues and adapt the topic to ensure we all feel satisfied with the great effort we are making to attend.