Introduction To The Cisco TrustSec System

Cisco TrustSec®, a core component of the Cisco SecureX Architecture™, is an intelligent access control solution. TrustSec mitigates security risks by providing comprehensive visibility into who and what is connecting across the entire network infrastructure, and exceptional control over what and where they can go.

TrustSec builds on your existing identity-aware access layer infrastructure (switches, wireless controllers, and so on). The solution and all the components within the solution are thoroughly vetted and rigorously tested as an integrated system.

In addition to combining standards-based identity and enforcement models, such as IEEE 802.1X and VLAN control, the TrustSec system it also includes advanced identity and enforcement capabilities such as flexible authentication,

Downloadable Access Control Lists (dACLs), Security Group Tagging (SGT), device profiling, posture assessments, and more.