Welcome To CDI

Dear Inquirer,

Greetings from the Cooperative Development Institute. Our mission is to build a cooperative economy through the creation and development of successful cooperative enterprises and networks in diverse communities in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island and New York.

Our vision of a cooperative economy is of an inter-dependent dense network of enterprises and institutions that allow us to meet our needs through principled democratic ownership, and that care for community, combat injustice and inequity, and promote conscious self-governance. The cooperative economy is embedded within and helps create a cooperative society aware of its place in a cooperative ecology.

Our organization provides education, training and technical assistance to existing and start-up cooperatively-structured enterprises in all business sectors: food, housing, energy, agriculture, arts, health, forestry, fisheries, retail, service and more.

CDI collaborates with numerous other actors to work toward this vision. Our particular role is to provide direct technical assistance services and training, communicate about the multitude of paths individuals and groups can take toward the vision, and convene meetings that spark further collaboration and development. We help bring the resources and energy together to produce creative, lasting responses to our real human needs.

Following is a Co-op 101 Start-Up Packet, a set of materials about cooperatives and the start-up process. Please review the packet materials and complete the Online Request for Assistance form. Completing this form will help us determine how we can best support you in your venture.

Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to assist you. We wish you the best of luck with your endeavors.



Noémi Giszpenc
Executive Director