I'll never forget the day my biggest hero in business, Jason Fried, told me he was proud of my business.

Jason: How many customers do you have on your platform?
Me: Around 100.
Jason: What do you charge a month?
Me: Around 100... $10,000 per month in revenue.

I thought it was pathetic. I thought it was lousy. I thought I was on the wrong path. I doubted myself. My business. Wondered if I'd ever "arrive."

Jason: Dude that is awesome, you must be proud.

It floored me. Happiness shot through my entire body. It gave me confidence. I was on the right path.

Jason: You should look into doing coupons, it's exploded our business.

I did. And today my business is vastly greater than it was when I met him. Not just because of the coupons though ... It was because of conversations I had with Jason and people like him. These conversations took place backstage at conferences.

When everyone else was paying big money to listen to guys like this speak, I was emailing the conference coordinators asking to volunteer and be the "assistants" to these big names. As an assistant, I walked them from the elevator to the stage. It was a rough job.

Now, these conversations happen all the time without being at conferences. Now, these are the circles I am fortunate enough to play in. The richest people in the world build their networks, while everyone else just looks for work.

And with Conference Crushing, you'll get the best secrets to do it.

Dane Maxwell
Partner at
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