About the Municipal CEM COP

The Corporate Energy Managers Community of Practice (CEM COP) is a network of municipal corporate energy managers from across Ontario who work on municipal energy efficiency and green energy projects. The CEM COP ensures the efficient use of municipal resources by identifying opportunities to share research, expertise and lessons learned. This collaboration informs and expedites the scale-up of energy efficiency and GHG reduction efforts. Working together achieves far more with far less resources and risk.

When determining whether to undertake an action, many Councils ask "Who else is doing this? What did it cost? What did it achieve?" The costs of each jurisdiction allocating staff resources to research this individually is prohibitive and wasteful. Working collaboratively expedites the most successful actions to meet municipal priorities and ensures that efforts and resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Clean Air Partnership supports the CEM COP through secretariat and facilitation support. The lessons learned and business cases associated with the corporate energy actions are shared via workshops, presentations, webinars and a group email list. All activities of the CEM COP are documented and made available online to CEM COP participants, including recordings of presentations, webinars and resources.