Purpose of this Document

This document outlines a set of challenges for the future of education, focusing not just on the Western countries but also on the global south. In doing so, the intention is to establish a basis for an inspired conversation. It is derived from a journey which many have been involved with for over forty-five years - researcher-colleagues, colleagues in teacher professional organizations and unions, colleagues who work with students every day in classrooms around the world. What this document seeks to capture are the issues, challenges and opportunities educators and policy makers now need to address.

The focus is strongly on primary, secondary and school-based education, though higher education occasionally gets a mention. The reason: public education for students in primary and secondary education remains a challenge for many nations and the performance of established systems of school education is seen by many to be problematic. Primary and secondary education (both junior secondary and senior secondary) remain the bedrock of our approach to citizenship, essential skills and social engagement. As the foundation for all that follows, these levels of education should be our focus.