5 Main Parts of a Literature Review

A literature review is a collection of academic sources offering an analysis of a specific topic. It is a compilation of the most relevant publications on a topic to provide a comprehensive overview of the work done and by whom.

Furthermore, it is the primary requirement of a dissertation or a thesis. That is why students take help from a professional free essay writer who can help them in achieving their academic goals. The following parts are the step by step guide to draft a literature review.

1. Recognizing your Objective

Recognize the fundamental target of your paper toward the start. It encourages you build up your writing audit to a specific perspective. For instance, compose a reasonable proposition articulation in the event that you are chipping away at a pugnacious paper. Thus, build up a sensible theory while assessing logical hypotheses.

2. Do Your Research

Audit the significant data to your branch of knowledge and comprehend who the best voices are in the scholastic field of your subject. Also, make certain to incorporate all the ongoing productions of those exploration researchers.

3.Summarize by Establishing Relevance

Condense the current writing by indicating the pertinence of its primary setting to your theory, speculation, and undertaking articulation.

4. Make a Logical Argument

Basically examine the information by building up a consistent contention. Essentially, talk about the current work, its holes, and your commitments that will grow this branch of knowledge. Make sure to be clear about the idea.

5. Include the References

A writer will mention the author's name and the year of publication in his text while formulating the literature review. However, he still needs to collect detailed references for each article at the end of the literature. Moreover, these references can be cited by following the guidelines of APA, MLA, or Chicago style.

Writing a literature review is essential and an inevitable part of the research process. Make sure to follow these tips when writing your review. If you are still confused then ask for help me write my essay for me free online.