Just as there's a dominant technology platform for digital business, comprised of a set of foundational emerging and disruptive technologies , there's also a dominant new business model emerging in the form of digital business ecosystems.

In fact, digital business ecosystems and platforms are fast becoming the go-to business model for the digital economy. According to Accenture, "Ecosystems are the new bedrock of digital" and " The top 15 public platform companies already represent $2.6 trillion in market capitalization worldwide. "

Examples include Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Netflix, Salesforce, Tencent and Twitter. Companies from non-tech sectors are rapidly building platforms as well. Examples include those of Bosch, Disney, GE, Merck and Schneider, to name just a few.

These ecosystems are driven by customers demanding more intuitive, real-time, integrated solutions and services whether in financial services, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, entertainment, public sector or any other industry vertical.

By addressing a continuum of needs along the customer journey, companies operating as part of a business ecosystem can expand their addressable market and simultaneously deliver greater value in terms of the digital customer experience and overall value proposition.


NOTE: This is an article by Nicholas D. Evans, originally published in Computer World