Why We Need Another Directory?

So, why do we need to create another Directory when the web is itself a directory! Yes, Yes and Yes!! Because we care!

The web is a jungle where young environmental professionals seeking a career and organizations looking to create relationships with other organizations are totally lost. To make inroads in this jungle we bring here only those organizations whose professionals are active members of "Indian Environment Network" at http://www.paryavaran.com . The Indian Environment Network has members from 2000+ organizations and it should be your portal to start your networking efforts and create lifelong friends and colleagues in the environmental sector in India.

Start here and discover amazing organizations that are doing fantastic work in the environmental sector in India.

We have started this journey of a thousand miles by adding 125 organizations initially. We will be adding few organizations every day until we reach our goal of adding Weblinks of 2000+ organizations in this directory. Happy Searching!

The directory is completely online and interactive and grows with your inputs. Add your organization if you don't see it here. Also, sponsor this guide and we will devote an entire page of this guide on you. Email us at ien@paryavaran.com for sponsorship.