The Mystical Journey Of Snowskating

Snowskating is the modern epitome of urban revolution, blended with the adrenaline, serenity, and beauty of outdoor winter freedom. Snowskating is purity defined: pure challenge, pure intimidation, pure flow, pure balance, pure cool, pure embarrassment, pure rebellion, and pure joy.


In terms of physical construction, a snowskate is defined as (wikipedia) "a hybrid of a skateboard and a snowboard". Pictured above is a snowdeck, which is a modified skateboard deck, sitting atop a wide, short, steel-edged ski. There are other types of snowskates, but the snowdeck is the weapon of choice for anyone (like me), who wants to enjoy an all-around full-mountain experience. In other words, the Snowdeck is the Katana of the Snowskate World!

By attaching a bungee leash to your belt buckle (this keeps the leash from dragging on the ground), snowdecks are authorized to be ridden at many modern ski resorts.

In terms of spiritual challenge, the snowdeck bears similarities to Hattori Hanzo's Sword in Kill Bill. On one hand, the blade can deliver swift justice to deserving foes, but on the other, the power of the weapon can consume you in frustration.

One little edge. One tiny change in snow conditions. Even a dip in elevation, and the heavenly ego cloud that lifted you to such great heights, will evaporate. Leaving you on your back, blissfully aware of the precarious, fleeting power of this wonderful, mystical device.

Such is the case in the following video. Friends are seen cruising at a local skihill, in near perfect conditions. Until 2:03, where Joey eats some fresh.

When you're in the flow on a snowskate, however, all heads will turn. Kids with Christmas snowboards will exclaim inquisitively "What's THAAAT?!" to apprehensive parents on the lift. Snowboarders at the halfpipe queue will nod in cool approval, and students snaking down the hill in the ski school will take their eyes off their leader to admire the brave, graceful, snowskater.

To learn how to successfully balance on the tightrope of snowdeck nirvana, read on Grasshopper, read on.