Step 3: Find Your Special Place

Where can I snowskate?

Aside from the obvious "inclined snowy surfaces" answer, here's a list of resorts (embeded below) that officially allow snowskates on chairlifts. If there's a resort that doesn't officially allow snowskates close to you, just remind resort management that these are just like snowboards from the old days. They come with a leash, unlike skis, so there is less chance of runaway injury than with 2 planks. Plus, snowskating is super slow, compared to either skiing or snowboarding.

For my part, I bought a seasons pass for myself and 3 kids at a resort that doesn't "officially" allow snowskating. Having one of these hanging off your jacket usually tells the lifties that you belong (and that you pay their bills), so they leave me alone.

The Epic Map of Awesome Resorts, Courtesy of Harfang Snowskates, full list here.

Keep Spreading the Stoke

Back in the early 90's I was kicked off a few ski hills with my Kemper 165, which pretty much made me the coolest kid on the hill. The teenage lifties eventually had to talk to their bosses, as they didn't want to be in the spotlight of boos and jeers from onlookers, as they cut my ticket. It was a quick and quiet revolution. My advice is to show up at the hill with your chosen ride, and if you have to spend some time educating the management about the safety and benefits of snowskating, before being told to leave, just make sure you have a back up ride in your van, so you can make the most of your day.


And being an activist doesn't mean being a dick. As the guy at 1:19 of this clip mentions, snowboarders were often uncooperative, had a little bit to drink, and were smart Alecs to boot! When he told them to leave (because they were endangering the public and themselves), these snowboarders would lip him off. Don't be a snowboarder, people! ;)