Executive Summary

The Home Performance Stakeholder Council aspires to assist industry stakeholders involved in residential renovation in delivering exceptional services and solutions, priced at affordable levels for consumers, to support the growth of a long-term, sustainable market for home performance related activities that significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions in homes across the province while enhancing building durability, occupant comfort, and health.

To this end, the HPSC has established six Sector Councils (HVAC, Fenestration, Insulation, Renovation, Energy Advisors, and Utility and Government) composed of key industry players tasked with amalgamating and addressing the fragmented interests, opportunities, and challenges that exist in a home performance industry, which is evolving and growing.

The following Energy Advisor and Service Organization Sector Working Roadmap documents the recommendations made by the Energy Advisor and Service Organization Sector Council to address the issues and opportunities prioritized by the Sector Council. It provides a high-level outline of how and when the industry will get from the EA & SO landscape analysis to the EA & SO Sector 2025 Vision.

In 2025, according to this vision, energy evaluations, energy advisor services, and home energy improvements are carried out at a significantly greater rate than in 2017, stimulating a large and economically vibrant home performance industry and delivering large and measurable energy savings and GHG reductions.

The Roadmap recommendations are directed primarily at industry, by industry, but also include recommendations for Utilities and Government. The recommendations are directed at achieving the following goals in response to the issues identified in Table 1 below. The priority of each recommendation is indicated by the following key:

Roadmap recommendations are prioritized according to when their development must begin in order to meet the 2025 Vision. Some recommendations are dependent on the development of other
recommendations and some will take several years to reach full implementation. High priority
recommendations include those whose development needs to start in 2018, and those which can start right away as soon as resources are available.

This Energy Advisor and Service Organization Sector Working Roadmap herein organizes
recommendations by issue and presents the current situation, goals, and recommendations, along with the suggested lead(s).

This Roadmap has been developed by the Home Performance Sector Council with input from the EA &
SO Sector Council and other industry representatives. The members of the HPSC EA & SO Sector
Council include:
• Luke Dolan, Capital Home Energy Inc.
• Vanessa Joehl, CHBABC
• Peter Sundberg, City Green
• Zhi Chen, City Green
• Christi Sachs, Elemental Energy Advisors
• Einar Halbig and Kristi Owens, E3 EcoGroup
• Doug Green, Grok Energy Services
• Rod Croome, Hometech Energy Solutions Inc.
• Gary Lowney, The House Whisperers
• Cory Legge, Integris Project Management
• Ray Smith, Kootenay Energy Advisor Ltd.
• Rob Bernhardt, Passive House Canada
• Torsten Ely, RDH
• Gilles Lesage, Total Home Solutions

Input was provided to the EA & SO Sector Council through an online survey, review of previous draft
documents, in person, and during phone interviews. Survey responses were also provided by other non EA Sector Council members.

The information and recommendations within this Roadmap are intended to represent the input of the HPSC EA & SO Sector Council and other industry representatives. However the information and
recommendations within the Roadmap may not be representative of the views or opinions of the broader industry.

The primary purpose of the Energy Advisor and Service Organization Sector Working Roadmap is to
provide input into the broader, cross-sector Home Performance Industry Roadmap.