Revolutionising Energy Recovery

Enjay is the first company in the world to use the hot exhaust air produced by a kitchen to then minimise operation costs of restaurants. They have developed a product called Lepido which will be shaking up the restaurant industry by enabling profitable energy recovery from kitchen ventilation systems.

Jesper Wiren the co-founder and CEO of Enjay is not just an entrepreneur but also a visionary.

In the late 90's Jesper developed an UV system for commercial kitchens and has been non-stop ever since. The Lepido product means recovered energy can be recycled for heating, air conditioning and can supply energy in other ways that a restaurant may need. Usually this energy potential would have no value and would just be wasted, so Lepido brings a huge opportunity for the restaurant industry.

The restaurant industry is stubborn and old fashioned but Wiren is not afraid to be the guy to bring about the change. His passion, charisma and his drive means he is ready to move mountains together with his team who he keeps inspired. He wants to invite people to join him to reach his goal and to orchestrate his vision.

"Stop wasting energy and save money where it hasn't been possible before."

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