Transportation is a significant source of GHG emissions in most municipalities. Consequently, a large number of municipalities across Ontario are looking to become more engaged in actions to limit transportation-related emissions, and many have identified the development of Low Carbon Transportation Strategies. The Low Carbon Transportation Strategies include Active Transportation Plans, Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Strategy, and Green Fleet Plans.

Clean Air Partnership (CAP) works collectively across the Clean Air Council (CAC) network on the development and implementation of Low Carbon Transportation strategies. Our mission is to identify actions that each jurisdiction in Ontario (rural, suburban, urban) can apply to develop and implement low carbon transportation and zero-emission vehicle programs. We remind that personal vehicles, EVs or otherwise, remain a lower priority than other sustainable mobility options. While EVs eliminate GHG emissions associated with longer passenger vehicle trips not feasible using transit or shared mobility, walking and cycling remain the best zero-emission option available for short trips. To truly achieve transformative climate action, we still need to shift a LOT more trips to walking, cycling, transit and shared mobility.

We've created this one-stop-shop of resources that can support the development of Municipal Low Carbon Transportation strategies and provide links to existing Municipal strategies across Canada and the USA. We will continue to update this one-stop-shop with new resources. If you have any suggestions for resources that you have found useful and think would be of value to others, please send an email to Desi Stefanova at