Richmond's Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Goal: Near universal adoption of zero-carbon vehicles

1. Policy Mechanism

  • EV supporting language in an Official Community Plan
  • Negotiation provision of EV charging infrastructure (local government and developers)
  • Zoning bylaw - all new buildings are EV ready
  • Parking Bylaw or Schedule
  • Planning for Electric, Autonomous & Shared Mobility
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Requirements - Zoning Bylaw 8500, Section 7.15
  • New Buildings (after April 2018) have 100% of residential parking to be "EV ready" with an energized outlet (junction box; electrical receptacle)
  • Energized outlets labeled for the specific use of electric vehicle charging
  • Support programs for existing buildings renovations
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in Shared Parking

Goal: Support Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Implementation & Requirements

Strategic Direction:

1. Infrastructure configurations and comparisons;

2. Delivery models;

3. Variance request requirements;

4. User fee assignment and electricity cost reconciliation assessment;

5. Model strata rules/bylaws development;

6. Local government guide development.