Chances are that your target audience is somewhere among the nearly 1.32 billion users that are active on a monthly basis, 829 million of whom log in to their accounts at least once per day. Here are some numbers that make Facebook a gold mine for marketers and entrepreneurs:

- 1.32 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 2014

- 829 million daily active users on average in June 2014

- 72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month

- There are more than 50 million Facebook pages

- 350 million daily uploaded pictures according to a white paper shared by Facebook

- 4.75 billion average daily shared content items, including posts, comments, videos, photos, and status updates

- Users generate more than 4.5 billion Likes each day, and send more than 10 billion messages.

That's great news for small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals that want to make money from Facebook. But it's not enough to know the numbers and the fact that your customers are out there on Facebook. You must learn how to reach them and engage with them.

In this guide you will find methods, tactics and strategies that will guide you to generate sales for your business in a very cost-effective, reliable, and systematic way. We will walk you through the most crucial methods you need to know to create actionable Facebook strategies.

What you will learn in this guide, by chapters:

Part I: Facebook Marketing Basics

  • Here you will start with the basics: learn to create a Facebook profile, a Page, a Group and how to use them for business. You will also learn about the most important metrics you should follow on Facebook, with examples.
  • On every sub-chapter you will find this section:
  • "Action items"
  • which is a step by step guide to help you get used with these notions and get you started with Facebook. We recommend you to follow all the action items to get a good understanding on how Facebook works and how to benefit from it.

Part II: Tested Methods to Make Money with Facebook Marketing

  • The second chapter of this guide contains valuable information about Facebook Marketing and how to come up with a marketing strategy for your business. You will learn to create a powerful Facebook strategy with content that converts, posted at the right times with the perfect posting frequency. You will learn how to target your audience in your niche, and attract quality leads that will eventually convert to buying customers. You will learn the best practices in Facebook Marketing and what you should avoid.
  • And finally you will have the basic steps to create your first Facebook Marketing Strategy that will lead you on the path to success.

Part III: How to Use Mass Planner to Maximize Your Success on Facebook

After you learn how to create your Facebook strategy to develop your business and make money online, in the last chapter of this guide you will learn how to use Mass Planner to get real results FAST. You will see our best strategies to make money and methods tested and proven successful by our customers.