Why a guide on governance and leadership?

The CHF Canada guide Getting Management Right talks about how important good governance is if co-ops want to make sure they have sound management. In that guide we list some of the results co-ops are looking for from governance and management and we explain the important differences between the two. We also point out that although good governance and sound management are not the same thing, they are very closely linked. As we say in Getting Management Right, if one is weak, the other will be weakened.

Since Getting Management Right came out we've had a lot of good feedback on the link between governance and management. Co-op managers have told us that good governance is key for them if they are to do their jobs well. And members of co-op boards have asked us to tell them more about making governance better. That's why we've written this guide.


Nicholas Gazzard wrote the first edition of this guide, with the help of Thom Armstrong, Dale Reagan, Karla Skoutajan and Kim Weiman. Thom Armstrong, Diana Devlin and Dale Reagan have contributed to this second edition. Original design and layout are by Stephanie Ballantyne of Ego Creative Solutions. Cover design is by Aerographics.

Getting Governance Right is a 2020 Vision™ project.

March 2010