Ghost is an open-source blogging platform created by John O'Nolan that has raised over $300,000 USD on Kickstarter, launched to everyone during the summer of 2013.

I left Wordpress to launch my own Ghost blog over at so you can check it out.

You should be aware that Ghost is still pretty new and doesn't do somethings as well as other platforms (yet - and if ever), but it does place great design and importance on your content, and at some point soon, analytics:

Ghost is built in JavaScript using Node.js, so it's fairly flexible and powerful. Without going into all the technical details, some of the core features that might entice you (or that have enticed you to look into it) are:

  • Being able to write in markdown on the left and preview real-time on the right
  • The ability to really customize it
  • The responsive aspect
  • The emphasis on the content