Gord Cooke’s Net Zero Cottage Design, Part 1: Resilient Building Design

When Building Knowledge Canada's Gord Cooke was ready to create a family cottage in Southampton, Ontario, he knew he wanted it to stand for the building standards, values, and strategies he built his career around. In this four-part video series, Gord introduces you to his team of contractors, suppliers, and experts who helped make his dream of a Net Zero cottage possible.

In the first set of videos, you'll find out what resilient building design really means in practice:

  • Find out about Gord's vision for his family cottage and what this project means to him.
  • You'll meet a third-generation contractor who took the design from paper to reality.
  • Find out why insulated concrete forms were the unconventional, but right choice for the cottage's structure.
  • Hear the team discuss why planning for penetration points is essential to an airtight building envelope.

Watch Part 1 here: https://buildingknowledge.ca/nz-videos-cottage/part-1/

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