Gord Cooke’s Net Zero Cottage Design, Part 3: High Performing Mechanical

Anyone in the homebuilding industry knows high performing mechanical systems (and the material and envelope choices to support these systems) are essential to an energy-efficient house. However, some builders worry that high performance is synonymous with out of reach for a typical construction budget. Yet, Building Knowledge's Gord Cooke proved this isn't the case when he built his family's Net Zero cottage without overspending.

In this third part of Gord's cottage video series, we get to see how Gord selected the right mechanical systems (including solar) for his cottage. Go behind the scenes to find out:

  • How Gord and his team selected the right windows for the mechanical systems in the cottage as well as the solar solution that was selected for the build.
  • How Gord made the decision between engineered and traditional lumber for the cottage.
  • What the installation of solar panels on the roof looked like in practice.
  • Why it was so important to ensure the ducts were carefully integrated into floor assembles.

Watch part 3 here: https://buildingknowledge.ca/nz-videos-cottage/part-3/

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