Gord Cooke’s Net Zero Cottage Design, Part 4: Product Spotlight

It's not often you get to see the process a designer went through in choosing the products for a building's construction. And even rarer when that designer is also the homeowner. When Gord Cooke designed his family's Net Zero cottage on the shores of Lake Huron, he made sure he used his vast experience with nearly every high performance product available in Ontario to select the right ones for his particular project goals.

In this last part of the cottage video series, Gord introduces you to the people and products he chose to bring along on his cottage project. These include:

  • Solar integration, including how it fits easily in with the wall power panel.
  • A drywall that breaks down VOCs for superior indoor air quality.
  • Top notch soundproofing - even in a primarily wood home.
  • A combination of engineered cladding and limestone exterior.
  • The heat exchanger that heats the water and in-floor heating system.
  • The most efficient air exchange system on the market.
  • The way heat is recovered from the shower drain and why central vac made sense at the cottage.
  • How the Tesla Powerwall Battery works in the cottage.

Watch part 4 here: https://buildingknowledge.ca/nz-videos-cottage/part-4/

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