Healthy Housing Introduction


This section in Tenant Liaison training introduces the practice of Healthy Housing Advocacy, something that every worker in retrofit and renovation must understand and embrace.

The areas presented within the Healthy Housing Advocacy guide are:

  • Definition of Healthy Housing in Canada
    1. Affordability
    2. Energy Efficiency
    3. Resource Efficiency
    4. Accessibility
  • Advocating for Healthy Housing - Key Communications
    1. Talking to tenants about Healthy Housing
    2. Daily Practices - Walking the Talk
    3. Legal - avoiding claims and jargon
  • Energy Efficiency in Housing - Plain Language Descriptions
    1. Metrics - Energy generation, energy costs
    2. Construction - Insulation, fenestration, thermal performance and air sealing
    3. Systems - HRV / ERV, ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Affordability and Accessibility of Healthy Housing
    1. An Overview of Housing Economics in Canada
    2. Demographics, Social Groups & Housing Needs
    3. Healthy housing in the vulnerable sector