All You Need To Know About Async Await In JavaScript

Javascript being an synchronous programming language means it executes code line by line. So, if an action is queued up it will not be performed until the code before it is finished running. This means you can queue loops which will run one after the other. When you go to hire JS developers you should take special note of asynchronous programming so you can know how well versed they are.

JS provides us with functionalities that can be used to make the code run asynchronously where and when needed. One of those functionalities is Async/Await.

As an extension to Javascript promises in ES6 we get Async/Await with the release of ES7 which added to the feature.

Let's learn about them in depth.


With async JS developers can write synchronous promise based javascript code. It also checks whether developers are blocking or breaking the execution thread or not. It returns promises and is asynchronous itself, so it never blocks the main or execution thread.

Async functions ensure returning a value which also means that it ensures that a promise is returned. If, for some reason, a value is not returned then Javascript wraps the output in a promise. This ensures that a valid return value is returned from Async.

Here is how you can use Async functionality in a Javascript code

const getData = async() => {
var data = "Hello World";
return data;

getData().then(data => console.log(data));

Hello World


The await operator waits for the promise to return, then it gets the value from it and executes the code based on the value it received. It only makes the code wait that is in the async block.

Here is an example on how to use the await functionality.

const getData = async() => {
var y = await "Hello World";


Hello World

Note that 1 and 2 are printed before the getData() whereas "2" is written after the getData(). Without the async and await functionalities "2" would be printed afterwards. But, with async await, the program is waiting for the promise to return a value, then getData is executed but the program is not paused because while waiting it runs the code after that code block and prints "2". Take note of this functionality because it is really helpful and ensure your javascript programmers for hire know about this when hiring.

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