Why Guides.co?

Guides.co is changing the way content is discovered, created and consumed.

There are three unique benefits to publishing on Guides.co:

1. Connecting with your fans and building an audience
Unlike other publishing platforms, Guides.co connects content producers (authors) with the people consuming the content so they can get specific feedback on how to produce better content, discover who their fans are, and make it easy for fans to introduce you to their network.

2. A much better content consumption experience
Unlike video sites or eReaders, Guides.co has text, embedded videos, interactive widgets, downloadable file templates, and social discussions making the experience much more engaging. There's also a personal "logbook" that allows users to track their progress, bookmark sections, and participate with friends or private group members in the progression of the content. This isn't a "sit back and consume" experience; it's a "lean forward and participate" experience.

3. Complete control over the publishing process and pricing
Authors can invite people to "subscribe" to their content while producing it to get feedback on how to make it better, allow anyone to "subscribe" at any time, or wait until they have a "finished product". And they can make any changes, anytime - it's their content. Because of this flexibility and power, the author also has 100% control on pricing. That means, for instance, they could give away their content for free as they develop and refine it, and then increase pricing as the quality and quantity increases. It's a much more fluid, personal, and cost-effective process vs alternatives.

There is no comparable alternative (ex: publishing an eBook or on YouTube), that helps you know who is consuming your content, build your fan base, create an engaging, multimedia experience, and gives you complete control over the publishing process.