The Beginning: A Very Good Place To Start

Welcome to App Making!

A few reasons you are awesome:

One, you bought my course and have consequently allowed me to keep doing this kind of stuff.

Two, you are actively learning how to build successful apps. That already puts you miles ahead of your competing app makers. In fact, taking the time to learn from other developers' successes and failures is one of the main things I attribute my own success to, so great job!

So let's do this thing. This video introduces you to what we will be learning and the tools we will use to do it.

This course is designed both to be something you can dive into step by step (the videos) or as a quick reference for any given step (the text, takeaways, and exercises), so take it at whatever pace works for you.

Note: Much of the video in this guide was taken from a live workshop held by my company Tapity in Charlotte, NC. The cool part is that during that workshop we actually designed an app, so you will not only hear us talk about designing apps but you will see us do it ourselves.