The little sticker on the apple says it all. If there are four numbers, the apple is considered 'conventional'. This means it is not certified organic and unless you got it from a local farmer whom you can trust, it was most likely grown using some form of chemical.

That chemical is probably harmful in some way. That chemical was really a reaction to mono-cropping, poor planning, ignorance, and greed. And that chemical isn't just one chemical, but a thousand different black magic potions that are copyrighted and incorporated. We won't go into that now, though. Seriously, don't get scared. It gets better from here. Getting back to the sticker number thing...

If there are five numbers on that apple sticker, then that first number is always 9, and that means...yep...certified OG

Before the invention of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, all gardening was organic. No label necessary. The best stuff comes from nature.

Forget chemicals! They're expensive, complicated, and they suck!

Organic gardening is simple. It's healthier for you and for the planet. If there was gardening on Pluto, it would be healthier there too.

Be your own convention. If you're here, then you probably want to do your own thing.

So what do you want to grow?