The abdominal muscles are the focal point of your body. They are the power base, the core driver and the connection between your upper and lower body. They are also damn sexy. In fact, nothing says "hot" more than a sculpted six pack. Well defined obliques, intercostals and upper and lower abs are also the epitome of conditioning. They're like a c.v to the world, championing that you are a person of drive, discipline and internal fortitude - and that you're an athlete. It's no wonder that so many people dream about getting a set.

Let the dreamers dream. Making a ripped mid-section your reality means getting your head out of the clouds, getting ab smart and learning the facts that you'll need to absorb to create an overall lean body. Then you'll need to get consistent about the application.

Six pack abs are not just the domain of movie stars and pro athletes. You have the right to claim yours anytime you like. So, stand up, make a commitment and start making it happen. We'll lead you every step of the way.