What Is BizSpark?

BizSpark is a global program that gives tech startups up to $60,000 in open source friendly Azure cloud hosting credits, free Microsoft software and more to help them succeed.

Over 100,000 startups from 165+ countries have joined BizSpark. This three year program is free of charge and provides:

$150 / month for 3 years in Azure hosting credits
With support for Windows & Linux, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python and much more, Azure is the cloud solution for all startups
Scale with the Azure $60,000 offer
Accelerate your growth with $5,000 a month for one year of Azure credits when nominated by our partners, or Microsoft directly
The best tools & software for free
Access to thousands of Microsoft products including Visual Studio Ultimate, Office, Windows, and more
Devices for dev & test
Borrow Windows tablets, laptops, phones and more to help with the development and testing of your apps

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