How Are We Going To Get 1K Customers?


In fact my dad has said to me more than a few times that, "I'm surprised you don't shit the bed and would rather have other people do this hard work for me.

So I've done that now a few times and I've done it the same way. After failing miserably for almost a whole year at my first startup, I realized

The great news is, this guide is ger

The button that gets you the next customer and getting negative feedback is on the same level of importance as the product itself.

We're going to get you 1K customers by doing 3 things:

1. Build your product for the right customers

2. Use services that help us process negative feedback on the product.

3. Create a way for customers to refer your product to their friends or colleagues.

That's it. In fact, this is a screen shot of the main point of this hypothesis that will be explained later throughout the guide.

This guide is based on the hypotheses that negative feedback and the "refer a friend" option for your customers are just as critical to getting 1K customers as your product itself.