This guide is based on a post that I saw on Medium a few weeks ago that inspired me so much I knew I had to test out Zdravko Cvijetic 's methods to see if I could start "getting more out of each day", as he puts it.

Like many people, I am often thinking about new ways to improve my focus throughout the day. I would consider myself fairly good at focusing my attention on the tasks that need to get done each day, but the reality is I'm a bit of an information junkie and it is reeeeally easy to go down the digital rabbit hole when you spend your whole day online.

So I've decided to make myself the guinea pig (a la Tim Ferris) and test out Cvijetic's methods--with a few others mixed in that I've found to be effective over the years.

I hope you'll follow me on my journey, and (more importantly) I hope you'll offer your feedback, suggest additional resources and leave me tips and tricks related to productivity hacks by either leaving a comment or on Twitter.

A quick note: throughout this guide, my thoughts will be in text that is orange, to differentiate my comments and opinions from Cvijetic's. As I update the content of this guide based on the results of my tests, I will continue to add my results in orange, to maintain separation between my results and Cvijetic's recommendations.