You're excited about your new product or service and can hardly wait to start telling the world and raking in the cash. You've convinced yourself and a few buddies that it's a great idea, but how can you ensure that people who don't know you (and love you) love your idea too? How can you know someone will pay you for your new business?

The best way is to ask people.

And the fastest way to ask them, is through a simple, one-page website.

By setting up a one-page website that clearly identifies what you will be selling, outlines the problem or benefits, and asks the viewer to take an action, you can collect hard and fast data on the saleability of your idea (or your ability to articulate it).

This guide will take you through a step-by-step process for setting up an awesome one-page website with a clear value proposition and call to action. Using data from web visitors and other tracking tools, you'll learn whether people are interested in your new business idea and build a valuable email list of people to contact once you've launched your business.

Let's get started.