Before we discuss a single other topic I want to welcome you. Thank you for using this helpful guide for small businesses. If you are just getting started in the digital marketing realm - this guide will help save you from painful lessons along the way. If you're already doing some digital marketing, but just feel like you're spinning your wheels, then this guide will help you gain some traction. First let's discuss the elephant in the room: VENDORS & SERVICE PROVIDERS. "Digital Marketing Consultants, Marketing Strategy Experts, Integrated Media Consultants, Media Consultants" these titles are all a jumble of jargon meant to confuse people. Just ignore their titles - they all mean one thing "Sales Rep". Meeting with sales reps is important (you'll need some channels through which to run your marketing campaigns) but ignore all the fluff that they throw out, and get down to brass tacks. Can these companies really do something for you, or are they just out to make a quick buck?