Getting Started

Many online entrepreneurs are reactive. They wake up each and every day with the idea that they will read their e-mail, go with the flow and throw some marketing and promo things at the virtual wall to see what sticks. Being reactive in your business can create chaos for you, the owner, but it can also create chaos for your customers leaving them confused and unable to make educated buying decisions.

Pro-active entrepreneurs know that they need a plan in order to succeed. They realize that in order to take full advantage of the possibilities and opportunities that exist within their businesses, they need to know where they are going and what they want to achieve in both the long and the short terms.

If you are reading this guide, there is a good chance that you aren't quite sure what your plan will be for each area of your business. Perhaps you have some of the visioning done but when it comes to getting your creations out and into your customer's hands, something is falling short. The goal of this guide is to help you make sense of the processes that, once put in place, will create more revenue in your business.