You Know You Need A Guide, But Do You Know How To Promote It?

You've got content, but how do you sell it. That should be the question you're asking yourself. If you are thinking along those lines already, you should be pretty proud of yourself. Today, most people publish content online and think that the masses will eventually lineup to consume the copy you've published. It doesn't work that way online, and in fact, most successful content publishers spend as much time marketing their work as they do writing it.

If your goal is to reach the masses, or making a nice little chunk of change from your Guide endeavour, you're going to have to put together a marketing plan. We've built this Guide to assist you in that journey, and to provide you with enough information that you'll be able to start driving readers to your content on a regular basis.

Like all things, you only get out of your Guide what you put into it. The same can be said for your marketing efforts. This Guides shouldn't be viewed as a panacea; however, and will provide you with some instruction and insight into things you should be considering as you begin to market your Guide.

We'll walk you through the some strategies that apply to particular moments during your Guide creating process, starting with Things To Do Early On While Writing Your Guide, and then walk you through some marketing strategies that you can use during your Pre-launch, at Launch, and Post Launch milestones. Finally, in Get Promoting, we'll introduce you to a number of tools online that can help you market your content, as well as setting up display advertising on a number of networks.

That's just a quick overview of the information to come, but I can assure you that there's more information in this Guide, and the more time you spend reading it, the better prepared you will be before launching your first Guide.