Success Story of Revival of Yelganga River th rough Community Initiatives

In four villages of Aurangabad District, Maharashtra (India)


Joseph Viruthiyel

Director, Institute of Development Initiatives

Global Water Partnership's Water and Climate Resilience Program (WACREP) aim to support South Asian member countries to integrate water security and climate resilience with regional, national policies. WACREP has 8 work packages aligned with GWP's strategic goals. As part of this activity the Institute for Development Initiatives has documented successful water security and climate resilient initiatives with low/no regret investments. This paper presents one of the seven initiatives documented. The major highlights of the initiative are the critical role of Community participation from the stage of formulation of the idea to completion, presence of local leadership and the extent of community organization and unity that have evolved as one of the important outcomes of the effort, besides obvious impacts on water availability, ground water recharge and agricultural renewal.