If staying at a 5-star hotel is on your bucket list, you don't have to bankrupt in order to cross that item over!

Although luxury hotels like Burj Al Arab cost several hundreds of dollars for a single night stay, there are some deal that you can find several times cheaper. The key is to approach this issue methodically,
instead of letting emotions rule.

Surely, everyone would like to hang out with celebrities like Jay-Z or Beyonce in 5-star hotels in LA, like the iconic Beverly Hills hotel, but not everyone has so much money to spend.

When it comes to luxury, there are many hotels around the world that offer the same level of service (or even higher) at much affordable rates.

In fact, there are more than 150 hotels proudly carrying the 5 star accolade given by the Forbes Travel Guide. The key is finding the cheapest of them all!

This guide will show you how to do it, but that's not all - you will also find out when is the best time to travel and which little hacks can result in knocking off a percentage of hotel deal.