Lobster Is The User Content Marketplace.

We change the way you can use others' content. We fight against social content stealing. Starting with your Instagram and Flickr photos and videos today.

Lobster is a marketplace that connects users of Instagram and Flickr (more to come!) and those who want to legally use their photos and videos.

Instructions to BUY photos and videos

marketplace. Search by multiple tags, username, geography, and date.

2. Chosen something? Sign up here or registration will start automatically when you click Buy. You will need your PayPal account. It can be set up during purchase.

3. Done! Instantly download the photo or video & get your license by e-mail. Get another copy at any time but please don't share with others!

Instructions to SELL photos and videos

1. Keep posting beautiful pictures and videos to your Instagram or Flickr. Set the privacy settings to public.

2. Sign up here and connect your Instagram and Flickr accounts. Tag photos and videos you want to license with #ilobsterit (use Comments in Instagram or Add tags option in Flickr). Everything without #ilobsterit will not appear on Lobster (e.g. your Family).

3. You'll get cash into your PayPal account, 75% of every purchase (starts at $0.42 after PayPal fee and marketplace commission).