Sponsoring A Refugee To Come To Canada. ​​​​What You Need To Know To Get Started​​​​

So you're thinking about sponsoring a refugee? Thank you. Canada is one of the few countries in the world that allows its own citizens to undertake private sponsorships of refugees. It's a challenge and can be an incredibly rewarding experience-certainly one very concrete way that ordinary citizens can take to help resolve the refugee crisis.

This guide was created to give you an overview of what's involved in private sponsorship. The amount of information can seem daunting when you first set out, and we're here to help cut the confusion and make educating yourself as easy as possible.

This guide is part of a series that will give you more in-depth information as you move through the process. The rules around the sponsorship may change in the coming months. As we update the guides, we will advise you by email so you are working with the latest information.

With sincere thanks to the Refugee Sponsorship Training Program, Capital Rainbow Refuge, and Coalition in Ottawa for Refugees for providing the information contained in this guide.