Setting Your Store Name

Your shop name is one of the most important factors in creating a successful business. It will give you immediate recognition, style, and searchability. When choosing a name, it is vital to consider all the factors that go into choosing the perfect name for your shop.

Things to consider when choosing a shop name:

  • Be original: Interesting names will stick with those who visit your shop. Names that involve physical things will evoke a visual image, which can help form a more powerful memory. An interesting word or phrase that is meaningful for you can add a bit of history and a point of interest.
  • Show your style: Choose a name that reflects your style. If your items are elegant, choose an elegant name. If your items are quirky or clever, you want your name to speak to that aesthetic. Let your own unique point of view as an artist shine through in everything about your shop, especially your name!
  • Spelling counts: Pick something that is easy to pronounce and spell. The former helps people remember your name, the latter makes it easy to find you again!
  • Take the shop name memory test: Sit down with a piece of paper and the writing utensil of your choice and ask yourself: "What shops do I know the name of on Etsy?" It doesn't have to be your favorite shop or any reason other than the fact that you remembered their name. This is key. After you have your list of remembered names, take a look at them. Why are they so memorable? After asking yourself these questions, learn from what these sellers have done to create your own memorable name.
  • Google it: Search for your intended name on Google. Will you be able to be the top result? Avoid generic names that you won't be able to "own." While you're at it, check to see if the name is available on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social networks you plan to use.
  • Know the law: Think about legalities. Some words and names are trademarked, so do your homework first to avoid a possible conflict later. Consider consulting an attorney if you need specialized advice in this area.
  • Capitalize multiple words: Once you have decided on a name for your shop, take advantage of capital letters to make the appearance of your shop name more coherent. If you have two words in your shop name, create a visual separation by making the first letters of each word capital letters instead of lowercase. For example, "BoyfriendLetters" reads so much better than "boyfriendletters." Plus, capitalization doesn't make a difference when people type your shop name in their browser, so it won't be harder for them to find you.
  • The power of search: If you are selling a very specific product or certain type of supply, it wouldn't hurt to actually put the basic name of what you are selling in your shop name; this may help you show up in search engines whenever someone searches for this item. But be careful: if you're thinking about branching out to other types of items, you may not want to follow this tip. There are advantages to having a name that will allow you to sell a range of items, since many sellers evolve over time.
  • Keep it consistent: Use the same name everywhere - as your Etsy shop name, in your banner, on your blog, and on any social networking sites you use. This makes it super easy for buyers to find your shop!
  • Get some feedback: Ask others who are in your target market what they think about your name. Your Etsy team can be a great place to get advice and feedback as well. Ask what they'd expect a shop with this name to be about.
  • Make sure it's worth it: Does your new name reflect a change in product? Is it much easier to remember? Does it fit much better with the image of your shop? If you have a significant fan base, try to change your shop name only if it's absolutely necessary.
  • Shout it from the rooftops: Make sure you let your Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and blog readers know about your new name. Consider changing the name of your account, if possible.