How Do I Setup An Account?

Step 1: Click Register at the top of the site

If this is your first time visiting Etsy on your browser, click Sign In at the top right of the site.

Then click Register.

You might also see Register next to the Etsy logo at the top left of the homepage.

Step 2: Fill out the form

First Name and Last Name: These fields are optional. If you fill these out, your name will be publicly displayed throughout the site. You're welcome to enter your first name only, nickname, or initials, etc. If you don't enter a name now, you can always add it later. Learn more about how you'll be represented on Etsy.

Email: Each Etsy account requires a unique, valid email address.

Please note that some email providers, like Gmail, allow you to have extra punctuation in your email address {example:}. To register on Etsy, please remove any extra punctuation for your email address {instead:}. In the case of Gmail, these addresses are viewed as the same, so you will still receive emails from Etsy.

Password: This must be at least 6 characters. Choose a password that you will easily remember but isn't too obvious. Write it down for your records.

Username: It's important to understand that your usernamecannot be changed later. Along with your full name, it identifies you as a real person on Etsy.

Your username should be 4-20 characters in length and can contain both upper and lowercase letters, as well as numbers.

Usernames can't contain spaces, symbols, the word "Etsy," or any language that might be considered profane or racist. Learn more about choosing a shop or username.

Step 3: Check your email and click to confirm

You should see a confirmation email from within a few minutes. Click the button inside the email to confirm your account.

If you don't receive the confirmation email within an hour, check to make sure that it hasn't ended up in your spam or junk mail folder. You may want to add to your email contacts and try sending it again by clicking this link: Resend your confirmation email.

Step 4: Sign in to Etsy

Go to and click Sign In at the top of the site.

Whenever you're ready, add a profile picture and fill out your bio on your Public Profile page.

If you want to open a shop, click Sell at the top of the site.