Welcome to the advertising hub of the world: NewYork.

As you can see from the cover image above, every bit of real estate is used for ads and marketing - a more advanced form of a press release. In the traditional media days, a press release was actually released directly to the press.

Today, brands and thought leaders reach out directly to consumers with the help of tools like social media.

While communicating your message and story has grown to use more forms of media, it has also evolved to mean that more people are doing it.

So how do you stand out while taking advantage of new tools, platforms and distribution channels? How can you continue to reach new customers and keep existing ones engaged?

A release is one of the most effective tools. Journalists will look for well-written press releases that align with their interests and audiences.

They want to write about the cutting-edge innovations and new products out there, you just need to make it convenient for them to do so.

A well-written Press Release will also bring you search and online visibility benefits in this digital age.

This Smart Guide will take you through a proven process for shaping your story, finding your audience and creating a modern press release. We'll provide you with tools, templates and suggest various platforms you can use to get the job done. We'll also help you avoid some of the most common mistakes many companies make when trying to get press.