Introduction - SECTION 1: Installations

This module is part of a complete Insulation and Air Sealing Manual, which can be accessed on the NAIMA Canada Guides hub. This guide is also reference and source material for the National Insulation & Air Sealing training and Air Barriers for Professionals training programs, which can be accessed on the NAIMA Canada website.

SECTION 1: Installations presents topics and practical advice for installing thermal and air tight building envelope materials in new construction and renovation projects.

- C O N T E N T S -


1. Workplace Health and Safety

2. Renovation & Energy Retrofits

3. Energy Audits & Blower Door Testing

4. Materials, Tools & Equipment

5. Installation Preparation

6. Airtightness & Moisture Control

7. Installation Process

8. Troubleshooting


9. The Science of High Performance Buildings

10. Roles & Responsibilities

11. Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

12. National Building Code / National Energy Code for Buildings

13. Mechanicals & Renewables

APPENDIX "A": Drawings and Details

APPENDIX "B": Training Institutions and Resources

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