Meet the ‘King of Inspiration’ in sustainable fashion

Meet Tony Tonnaer, founder of Kings of Indigo. Worldwide one of the most sustainable, innovative and fair denim brands now moving to circularity. How do you build a healthy company in sustainable fashion? And how circular are these 'Clean Jeans' exactly? In this very open interview we asked him everything we were curious about.

This is Kings of Indigo's story about sustainability and circularity in fashion. Highlights for you are:

  1. The vision of this frontrunner entrepreneur, who chose purpose over profit to lead his company to one of the most sustainable denim brands in the world
  2. The biggest challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry, and how to innovate within the ecosystem
  3. What it takes to create a 'Clean Jean'
  4. Do's and don'ts if you want to incorporate circularity in your business