The Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub, which is a product of Circle Economy Foundation, is an open-collaborative library of circular economy case studies. The library also contains frameworks of circular business strategies and policy instruments that can support the transition to the circular economy.

Our vision

Evidence is critical to inspire circular action. However, the circular economy field remains fragmented and knowledge difficult to access. We believe bringing this knowledge-and community-together into a shared and co-owned body of evidence-beyond sectoral and regional silos-is crucial to the transition.

Building such an evidence base requires a truly collaborative effort by the global community.

By offering an open and collaborative online library, similar to Wikipedia, we aim to enable experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts to pool their knowledge about circular economy case studies together and to break down the silos that have long hindered the transition.

Our goal is to make the Knowledge Hub the go-to library for the circular economy case studies and to remove the need for organisations around the world to host their case studies on any other library than the Knowledge Hub.

Knowledge platform for other tools

As part of the Circle Economy Foundation ecosystem, the Knowledge Hub serves as the source of data for other tools. For the Circlularity Assessment Tool, the Knowledge Hub provides case studies to illustrate the circular strategies against which the user conducts a self-assessment.

We have plans for more tools that rely on the data in the Knowledge Hub, but the platform is open to everyone. It is possible for third-parties to build their tools on top of Knowledge Hub by connecting to its APIs. If you have ideas for a tool then we would be excited to discuss them! Contact us