Give Your Emotional Support Animal a Day Off

Emotional support animals are assistance animals assigned to people suffering from various emotional and mental disorders. They provide their owner with a sense of love, comfort, and companionship.

I suffered from post-traumatic-stress-disorder and my therapist recommended that I keep an ESA. I chose to get a golden retriever pup as my emotional support dog.

1. You need a legal document

A Legal document referred to as an sample ESA letter is necessary to qualify for an emotional support animal. This letter can be obtained from a licensed mental health professional.

You can't just decide to get an ESA. Instead, you need to be examined by a psychiatrist who will then recommend whether or not you qualify for an ESA.

2. You can choose from a wide variety of animals

ESA owner's aren't restricted to just dogs or cats - there are several different animals you can choose from as long as they are not wild and don't pose a threat to you and the people surrounding you.

However, when adopting a dog to be your emotional support animal make sure that it isn't of an aggressive breed.

3. They require proper care from you

Take them along and get them everything you think that they need and let them do their own shopping and pick out pet food, treats and toys.

Shopping together can be a good bonding activity for you and your pet. This will also give them a chance of interacting with other animals.

Make sure that your ESA knows the pet store Etiquettes. Dogs usually get excited when they spot something that they like; train them in a way that they listen to you.