Meet the young professionals leading the charge on energy efficiency

  • Youth have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and we will be the most impacted by climate change in the future.
  • Youth are leading the charge on climate action.
  • By expanding its support of green jobs for youth, Canada can address equity, climate, and youth unemployment issues simultaneously.

In 1998, 6-year-old Kelsey Brasil walked onto the raised platform of her elementary school gym. Dubbing herself "Captain Cleanwater," she gave a speech to her school about water conservation and protection. From a young age, Kelsey learned that her actions can make an impact.

Kelsey's early initiative on water conservation sparked a lifelong passion for climate change advocacy and education. As a project manager at Efficiency Canada, Kelsey is now building a Career Hub to help young people land green jobs in energy efficiency. Kelsey is one of many passionate young professionals across Canada who are working to address the climate crisis. Today, I want to highlight some of those leaders.