For some the start to Guide-fying knowhow is an existing static document (word, PDF, or webpage). Not a problem, the easiest way to move your content to Guides is to simply copy paste it to your new guide with the template builder.

To get started:

  1. Create a new Guide (See this guide for more info)
  2. Open the document or website you want to migrate in a second window
  3. Simply copy paste the content
  4. Edit the copied text and images with the Guide Editing Tool Bar. For tips & tricks also see this guide.

In case you are copying from a file the best result is obtained if you copy from a doc or docx file. If your file is a pdf and you don't have access to the original file there are a couple of tricks to turn it back to a Word file, see the From PDF section

The Guide Editing Tool will convert the text to the closest font & style to bring consistency across guides. In addition any links in the original text will automatically be integrated.

Needles to say, make sure your have the copyrights to publish the content and always use the adequate referencing of sources and licenses.