Network Goals

The goal of this network is to:

  • Bring municipal staff and their partners together to help build a collaborative effort to advancing building retrofit programs;
  • Explore common platform elements that will be required across programs; and
  • Address gaps and increase program uptake and offerings.

Some of the common platform items that have been identified to likely be of need across programs include (but are not limited to):

    • One-stop shop web site that also provides community portals
    • Development of online forms
    • Customer management system (applications, communication, receipts, pre and post audit, etc.
    • LIC administration toolkit for municipalities related to documenting and supporting municipal LIC processes and requirements
    • Contractor pre-approval framework and putting it into action, contractor management system
    • Program materials and outreach to contractors
    • Program materials and outreach to realtors
    • Other foundational platform pieces?