How To Survive? Organize!

Anyone else feel like homework is going to drown them this semester? I feel like I am on a ship in the ocean of homework, and it's going to bury me! I have a research paper due NEXT WEEK! Should probably get a topic chosen, anyway need some tips on "how to stay ahead of the mountain of homework" that college always seems to have? Even had thoughts to order it from, luckily, I've rejected this idea. So, here's what I do:

Step 1: Highlight important stuff in your Syllabus. I know, sounds basic, but not everyone does this, and I know people that have missed out on big due dates because they didn't have their syllabus for each class highlighted. I color-coat mine, using pink for papers, orange for exams, green for scheduled cancelled classes, etc.

Step 2: Write everything for the month on a calendar. I have a dry-erase calendar in my room, and the first of each month, I sit down and write down all my important tests and due dates for the month. It helps me keep on track with studying, getting papers or projects done, and just overall more calm about everything.

Step 3: Use an organizer/planner. I would not survive without my planner. At IPFW, planners are free in the bookstore, so I picked one up, and it has proven to be a lifesaver. Besides having all the sporting events stuff for the year listed, it also has notebook paper, code of conduct, and other random stuff that comes in handy. On the day I have class, I write down all of the homework that needs done by the next class period, that way I can look at that instead of carrying around five syllabi when working on homework outside of class/campus.

Step 4: Post-it Note reminders. I write myself little sticky note reminders for what needs done, and throw them away as I finish the assignment. It works pretty well. Color-coating (again) my sticky notes also helps me remember that one color is for one class (aka orange for literature, pink for writing).

Step 5: Relax! It will all work out. The homework ocean is constantly threatening to overturn your little boat, but you can do it. Just keep yourself on track (like I should be doing right now, oddly enough) and you'll find yourself successful.

Organization and keeping track of assignments will seriously help you survive college. Im 3 years into school, and I would have failed out a long time ago if it weren't for using these tips that I have come up with over the years. Don't forget to write in meetings as well, otherwise you'll forget those! Good luck!