There are so many generic lists online about drop shipping:

  • Start a drop shipping business with no money
  • How to open a drop shipping business in 1 day
  • Start an online store with no skills?!

The truth is, drop shipping is not that easy and simple.

If you really have $0 to put into this, you don't even have a domain to start with. Having only one day to set up the entire business? You must be willing to spend more than just 1 day to prepare for your business launch, right?

And if you have no skills? So you should start learning today. In this blog post, we'll shine some light on the necessary steps on how to build a drop shipping business from the ground up:

  1. Choosing deep niche products that you can sell with big margins
  2. Finding suppliers with high quality products
  3. Setting up a beautifully designed website

But first, let's talk about some big bonuses it has to offer.